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Institutional Quarantine Life during Coronavirus | This Too Shall Pass

The excitement of finally coming back to one’s hometown in the life journey of an individual is irreplaceable!

Quarantine has opened my world to new readings and new learnings. My newfound love for solitude has tingled my fingertips and ignited me to the core to write. Times like these let us pause and introspect.

It makes us realise there is so much one can do while confined to the four walls of our room.

It’s time to rethink our lifestyle.

After being stranded for months in Chennai, the relief of reaching my hometown is clearly evident on my face. Though I had to cross a series of hurdles and dip in my last tranche of savings to arrange a taxi service,  fortunately at times like these I believe there is nothing more relieving than to be back in our native. 

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Being the first member to be admitted to CET Payyanur for institutional quarantine, it took a while for volunteers here to set things up. Later, after spraying disinfectant on my bike, helmet, and both my bags, I walked into the room allotted to me. 

From the arrangements made here, I must admit that Kadannappally Panapuzha panchayath members have taken good measures to provide all basic facilities. The hostel room allotted to me is spacious with an attached bathroom, bed, table, and a chair. 

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping and rain hitting against my window reminds me of home and the soothing memories of life. Looking out through the windows, I could feel being close to nature. 

View from my window to the world 💜

The ground rule here is that once you are inside the room, you aren’t allowed to step out. Food and water is served on our plates kept outside next to the door.  Once the volunteer walks out, we are allowed to bring our food plate inside. In this way, it is made sure that people here aren’t coming in contact either with volunteers or to others who are under quarantine.

As informed by the health department, COVID-19 testing is done only for people who show symptoms and not for everyone. From the phone calls I receive often from the health inspector, police officers, panchayat officials, and counsellors, I’m happy that authorities are constantly monitoring people under quarantine.

Having spent twelve days of quarantine inside the informally semi-imprisoned space, there isn’t any single time I had to complain about food, water, or any of the other supplies. I highly appreciate the services and precautionary measures undertaken by the people in charge.

I am unsure how many more days I have to be in institutional quarantine before I could head home. But I’m happy to stay in for as long as the government instructs us to. We stay inside for the safety of our family and people. 

Let’s take a moment to express our gratitude towards the superheroes saving the world in silence beneath their masks. Let’s pray for the families who lost their loved ones to this novel coronavirus pandemic. 

This too shall pass! 😊

Ganesh Shanker K. K.
Ganesh Shanker K. K.

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  1. This life experiences will change your perspective of life and people. You become a strong person and a real fighter. You survived and turns into a new man.

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