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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it!

  • Gabo Drive
  • RockWell
  • Regular
  • Extra Bold
  • Self Drawn
  • #fff6ef | Very pale (mostly white) orange
  • #7b7b7b | Dark Grey
  • #c01f31 | Strong red

Adobe Illustrator


The concept I had is executed keeping in mind to create a design that visualize the meaning of the brief through types.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it!”

Definition: You can help someone to do something or show them the right path but cannot force them to accept it.


Concept - 1

Concept - 2

Concept - 3


The placement of the type, beginning from the bottom left corner to the top implies the path; helping or guiding someone to climb the roadmap to the right steps. The choice of strong red colour and the gradual increase in the size of the typeface adds more depth and movement indicating the progress or the journey.

The type “lead” suggests various intersection and confusing pathways. The type “A” is created and positioned keeping in mind to point to the right signal (>) while moving forward.

Your role as a helping hand is over once you guide them or show the person the right path. People, like horses, will do things only in the way they want to do it. The placement from top to bottom of the type “but you can’t make him drink it” indicates the decline in the person who chose not to follow the guidelines. The choice of dark grey colour and the decrease in the size towards the end suggests the gradual fading away of the good results.

Selected Type Design

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