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Entrepreneurship special

New startups are born every day. “Startup Talks” is an attempt to reach out to the masses regarding entrepreneurship and the peaks and valleys of coming up with own startup.

Emerging startups today has to be unique and adaptive to all new technological advances to make their mark. Beginning with a feature on how Chennai based Makkal Auto startup has made a difference to achieve rapid growth, the magazine then shed lights on the various ways to determine the success rate of a startup idea.

Startup Talks also covers various success stories, interviews, tips, reasons for startup failures and more!

Pages with cover: 20

Eternal Flames

Theyyam special

Theyyam, a popular ritual form of worship of North Malabar in Kerala is gaining mo mentum. “Eternal Flames” is an attempt to reach out to more people about Theyyam thereby widening its horizon.

Beginning with a feature outlining the overview of Theyyam, the magazine then proceeds with the different types of Theyyam and the various processes involved in Theyyam performance.

Eternal Flames also digs deep into the standards of living of Theyyam artists, the future of the Theyyam, the recent trend of ‘commercialization’ of Theyyam and more!

“We have to preserve Theyyam with its entire legacy for the future.”

Pages with cover: 24