Transhumanism is diluting humanity - S. Thanigaivelan
S. Thanigaivelan
S. Thanigaivelan, Assistant Professor of Digital Journalism, Kausha Kendra, Loyola College is an avid reader of new trends. He is frequent to British Council Library and is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Trans-humanism. Trans-humanism is the idea that humans should transcend their current natural state and limitations using technology. He takes us through the futurist perspectives on Trans-humanism, Artificial Intelligence, and on where the technology is heading to.

What is your view on Transhumanism and the benefits it put forward?

Trans-humanism comes only after humanism and then post humanism. It is emerging with Artificial Intelligence and self-realizing robots but it would take a minimum of next 200 years to come into practice. We cannot say that it could beat human intelligence, as these machines cannot be fully grown up. The movie “Her” and “Ex Machina” lands us in dilemma regarding the growth of trans-humanist era.

You just mentioned that these machines cannot be fully grown up. According to experts, the possibilities of eternal life through technological advancements are present in future. What is your say on it?

Eradication of death is only an assumption. We see fishes engineered into different colors and appearance which can be done on humans in future. It is also possible to do life logging or extend life expectancy and have a fountain of youth through genetic engineering. You can have memory around your head where you upload all your memories and retrieve when someone is in need of it. But death is inevitable.

What about “privacy” in future if it is possible to upload and retrieve memory when someone is in need of it?

Absolutely there is no privacy when we are connected to technology even in the mildest way. Also, with body augmentation put forward by trans-humanists in future, technology is within us and privacy will be completely dead.

All these make it less about man, and more about technology. Don’t you think we humans are leaving our humanness and humanity?

Humans are becoming more vulnerable and are losing both sympathy and empathy as well. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer only with technology. At a global level, it is difficult to spot a country without Amazon or Alibaba who governs the whole retail market. In next 50 years, these giants will decide what the government should do and the common man would work as slaves.

How do you imagine future by the time?

Future will be the globalization of the world. We will be united and there will be only one currency in the world, crypto currency and only 5-10 organizations ruling the world. It is a reverse of kinship. Democracy will be doomed. To my wildest imagination, there would be technology revolution where people would throw away all corporation and technology as everything is being automated.

Is it like there may come a future where human go back to early human?
No. Human should know how to strike a balance between technology and Trans-humanism.

How is it possible to strike a balance between both when Trans-humanism itself is a blend of both technology and humanism?
It is a blend of both. Trans-humanism is getting high and high every day. It is in the rising period but we expect a fall soon in the next 50 years. As of now, AI cannot be over ruled.

What do you think whether technology or culture will rule world?
I guess high class will rule the world. Only one currency and there will be free sex. There will be no government but corporation will work as government.

Anything else you would like to add?
Humans are becoming cruel with technology. We are losing humanness.