The rapid development of technology in the 21 century is transforming human lives all over the world. So how do we define humans in future? We are nearing to a stage where a human body, genome, human behavior, or a human mind may seem insufficient to define a human. As the trend in technology develops, human will become more integrated with technology both inside and outside our bodies. The future of humanity will blur our identities into “transhumanism”.

“Transhumanism” is the idea that humans should transcend their current natural state and limitations through the use of technology. Transhumanism has made it less about man, and more about tech. The supports of this idea seek to end disease, ageing, and even death with advancing technology.

The use of fitness trackers is on the fore front today. The future will witness much more body augmentation capabilities that will enhance human lives. We can expect the arrival of universal language translator ear buds that allows us to communicate anywhere on the globe and contact lenses that can take pictures and video. The use of implants would also increase.

Nowadays, personalization in marketing is done by location and past purchase history data. In addition to this, marketers in future will be able to do complete personalization based on human emotions with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Robotics and AI will also rise in factories and other related fields where employees will have an AI counterpart who amplifies and collaborates the work.

Coming years will also witness enhanced thought process which include neurostimulation, nootropics, virtual reality, and brain-machine interfaces. These technologies will enable thought that is faster, happier, more transferable, and sustainable. 

Things mentioned above suggest that nothing is impossible with technology. Any mental illness or deep physical pain can be cured by Transhumanism technology. It can give sight to the blind, and allow the deaf to hear, it will allow us to communicate with people not able to speak, as well as many other great things.

Everything about Transhumanism sounds great at a first glance. No disease, no sadness, no death, more intelligence, more knowledge, and more emotional control: an improvement of the human condition would be very welcome indeed. But looking deeper, everything has its owndown sides. With all these progress, there lies a question whether we’re leaving behind our humanness and humanity. The implementation of many of these technologies will be expensive. Also, the transhumanist ideas put forward immortality which may further lead to over population if came into practice. The biggest risk associated with these technologies is the way it is practiced. If not properly regulated, destructive uses of nanotechnology and biotechnology, as well as development of “evil” artificially intelligent machines can have a damaging effect on us. 

So, what about the future? One option is to take advantage of the advances in these technologies to enhance the biological and mental functioning of human beings. The other is to legislate to prevent these artificial changes from becoming an entrenched part of humanity. But with the growing technology, its sure that transhumanism will only grow and would transform humans into transhuman beings. With proper regulation, it is time to welcome a new world and experience.